Kateri gets a tumblr

Like the title suggests, yes, I finally caved in and decided to create a blog on tumblr. For awhile now I had been a fan of the tumblr community as an outsider and kept tabs on a few stunning poetry and aesthetic blogs, though it’s only now that I’ve decided to dive in head first.

And to be honest, I have no idea how any of it works! I’m totally lost and the my blog is pretty embarrassing and sparse at the moment. If any of my followers are more experienced in the tumblr world I would greatly appreciate it if you could explain the basics of the website to me in the comments.

Anyway, the url for my site is http://staticandmilklight.tumblr.com/

If you wish to stop by, please do! I’ll probably be uploading more casual writing as in journaling stuff (as well as poetry) onto this blog along with the same posts I upload here. (This decision will probably lead to more needless procrastination but it could also lead to lots of discovery & productivity. Who knows, only time will tell, really.)

It's totally a girls name {gif}

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