Dairy Queen

Lately, I’ve been inspired and enraptured by Lorde, Lana Del Rey, old cars, technicolor, neon lights, and the overall teenage experience.

☾ ✬algol✬☽


Milk-dipped suburban fantasies

The sweetness of bones and watermelon rinds

I’m eating ice-cream but really,

I’m tasting the soft-served vanilla clouds, denim skies,

gasoline, charred tires, or old records?

It always looks like half-past two here,

Trimmed afternoons projecting into dazed teenage girls,

letting Polaroids burn sun-scabbed colors onto their mouths,

the kind who choke on the notion of perfect lawns and perfect behavior

there’s always a sour knell beating behind the flavor.


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2 Responses to Dairy Queen

  1. John Paul says:

    Great Job Kateri I love your blog

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