Snippets No. 2 “Memories”

My second collection of jumbled, half-baked thoughts, poems, and stories.


1. Flames & Snow:

Feathers of angels,

fingerprints of ghosts.

2. Old spaces we’ve known entrap pieces of our former selves.

3. His lies translated into fairy tales in her ears, each of them equally fantastical and enchanting. And she thought the key to seeing their existence, like elves in the flower-bed, rested in total belief.

4. Possibilities hang more poignant than realities.

5. The barren tree-branches jutted frantically upward, bending in the night wind like lost veins reaching for their hearts.

6. Swans:

The curve of their necks,

movement and form that bends reality.

Feathers like snow, eyes of night,

Courting solitude.

7. Every cello stroke releases a procession of shadows

8. It’s hard, holding all my history together, knowing there is only one present moment, yet existing in a thousand other places. I move through time as if I were running on piano keys; every last note hums around me even when I step on the next bar.

9. We are all ecstatic movement,

The greatest riddles in the universe,

And can hold more matter inside of us

Than any planet.

10. Only the heart can pick up the scent of rusting glory, stale and mesmerizing.

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