Welcome to Kateri’s Theories!

Hello and welcome to my (Kateri’s) very first blog! Next to everyone seems to own some sort of blog nowadays, but to me creating this blog was quite ambitious. The thought of putting my writing “out there” for anyone to see scares me just as much as it excites me. However, my passion for writing far exceeds all of my fears, which is why I am here. As I proceed with my blogging I hope to divulge my musings and the worlds I create inside of my head to you, dear reader. So, what exactly will I be musing over? *smug grin* Mostly my goal of publishing a book, my writings, thoughts on the the world, and the workings of the mind of people around me. But mostly I wish to open up the workings of my mind, spilling my thoughts artfully onto the posts in hopes that other people can connect and relate to my writings. So, in the posts to come you are more than welcome to take a part in my fantastical theories!


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